Pierre Jean Larraqué

A history
of men and terroirs

Pierre Jean Larraqué is the historical subsidiary of the Larraqué Vins International group. Created in 1988 and located in Saint-André-de-Cubzac, this family enterprise forged its success by elaborating an innovative strategy: weaving strong and sustainable partnerships with winegrowers in the Bordeaux vineyards.

Its activity currently breaks down into different hubs:

managing winegrowing estates, creating terroir brands and concepts, trading in wine.

Our activities


As a connoisseur of the terroir, Pierre Jean Larraqué had the daring idea of elaborating a network of partnerships with winegrowers in the Bordeaux region. The company currently has a portfolio of wines from 57 appellations in the region, enabling it to satisfy the expectations of lovers of Bordeaux wine.

Our winegrowing partners

The vineyards

Pierre Jean Larraqué estates cover 233 hectares of vines in prestigious Bordeaux PDOs: Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux for Château Le Virou, Graves de Vayres for Château Barre Gentillot and Château Senau, Médoc for Château Vernous and Château Grand Marceaux and Bordeaux Supérieur for Château de Barre.

Our Vineyards

Brands & Concepts

The Pierre Jean Larraqué signature is a veritable guarantee of quality, a reference that provides consumers with terroir wines from emblematic appellations.

Our brands & concept

The concepts

An essential player in the château-packaged 3-litre Bag in Box sector, Pierre Jean Larraqué is also a pioneer in the commercialisation of old vintages in France with the development of the “Ready-to-drink” concept.

Pierre Jean Larraqué, is…

  • 13 millions

    Sold in 2018

  • 43,2 millions

    euros of turnover
    in 2018

  • 6


  • 233 hectares

    of vignes in prestigious
    Bordeaux PDOs

Portrait of Pierre Jean Larraqué, the man behind the business

Pierre Jean Larraqué is a local man, born in the Médoc. A man of the terroir, he comes from a family of farmers and winegrowers. They no doubt passed on to him their love of the region and their passion for the soil.

Currently president of Larraqué Vins International, he also owns the group’s three winegrowing estates.

His professional experience in the world of wine led him to make some remarkable encounters. Inspired by these encounters, he manages his own company in accordance with deeply-felt values: work, loyalty, respect for the soil and family traditions.