Sourcing by Pierre Jean Larraqué

Sustainable relationships with our partners

The Miailhe (Haut-Médoc) vineyards, the Rollan de By (Médoc) estates, Château Romer du Hayot (Sauternes)… These are some of the big names with which, year after year, the Pierre Jean Larraqué company develops a close relationship that is deeply rooted in time.

Winegrowers’ ambassador, a legitimate role for Pierre Jean Larraqué

Since 1988, Pierre Jean Larraqué has become the privileged partner of Bordeaux region winegrowers.

Coming from winegrowing stock and owning three estates, Pierre Jean Larraqué is a fervent defender of the terroir and the craft of winegrowing. His hands-on experience of the terroir has given him a knowledge of the vineyard, his know-how and all the legitimacy required to support today’s winegrowers in the region.

An innovative concept rooted in time

In order to better satisfy market demands, Pierre Jean Larraqué imagined a network of partnerships with winegrowers. The result of extensive research over the years, this concept proposes to establish strong relationships based on trust and rooted in the long term.

With 30 years’ experience in the wine trade, Pierre Jean Larraqué’s goal has remained unchanged: to promote respect for the terroir, winegrowers and their personalties.

Varied appellations and a guarantee of quality

By proposing a rich and varied offer comprising 57 different appellations, Pierre Jean Larraqué aims to satisfy the expectations of his customers throughout the world. This wide choice of products goes hand in hand with a quest for optimal quality, a veritable priority for Pierre Jean Larraqué. Moreover, our team supports our 200 partners in their different procedures: production, respect for the environment, packaging, etc.

Eric MIAILHE – propriétaire du Château Coufran

Cédric LANDIÉ, propriétaire du Château Janon