Authentic brands
and innovative concepts

Pierre Jean Larraqué’s method:
being close to the soil and attentive to consumers

Pierre-Jean Larraqué develops brands with renowned vineyards and concepts like the 3L Bag In Box and “Ready to drink” wines that satisfy consumer expectations.

Discover all the creations signed Pierre Jean Larraqué.

Pierre Jean Larraqué signatures:
brands that are 100% terroir

Owner of 233 hectares of vines, passionate about wine and deeply attached to the Bordeaux identity, Pierre Jean Larraqué travels the length and breadth of the region in search of little-known and promising wines with a strong identity.

His selection presents deeply-toned, very aromatic wines of character, rich and full-bodied, hearty on the palate, ample and always delicious. The Pierre Jean Larraqué signature on these bottles is a veritable guarantee for consumers, a promise of value-for-money wines that never fail to please.

Cap Nature
An innovative, authentic
and eco-friendly brand

Cap Nature presents mono-varietal, Bordeaux PDO wines entirely from High Environmental Value level 3 vineyards.

With the Cap Nature range, enjoy delicious, fresh and fruity wines… perfect reflections of Bordeaux grape varieties.

Cap Nature Sauvignon, Cap Nature Merlot, Cap Nature Cabernet Franc

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Cap Nature Bio
The organic winegrowers’ brand

With the Cap Nature Bio range, discover wines, châteaux and the men and women who pay homage to nature.

Have you noticed? Each label in the range showcases an animal or plant species that contributes to vine-growing.

Vins de France
Wines recommended by
Sommeliers International

The result of Pierre Jean Larraqué’s selection from the most beautiful terroirs of France, the Vins de France range invites you to rediscover regional grape varieties such as Gamay, Merlot, Malbec, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Maître Assembleur
The subtle art of blending by Pierre Jean Larraqué

At a time of standardization of tastes, it is high time to reaffirm that blending is an art, and that Bordeaux is master of it. Master Assembler, this is the latest creation of Pierre Jean Larraqué. The promise of contemporary, original and authentic Bordeaux wines, beyond codes, conventions and compromises. From vineyards certified as High Environmental Value level 3, this product line is available in 3 atypical blends: Malbec-Merlot, Petit Verdot-Merlot and Sauvignon-Muscadelle. Packaged in a beautiful conical bottle in the original shape of Bordeaux bottles, this range in the Bordeaux appellation makes us rediscover with simplicity and greed the ancestral art of blending.

A Jewel among Bordeaux Rosés

“Heavenly berries burnished by the sun, a deliciously fruity and floral harmony. A sparkling rosé nugget, gleaming with flavour and crystallised lights. A jewel comes to light in the sand.”

Like a gem, this wine with crystallised lights is presented in a showcase bottle with a consumer experience on another level.

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The worthy descendant of French Claret

Clairet is a light red wine that is obtained from a gentle maceration of red grape varieties.

The fresh fruit of the new Clairet signed Pierre Jean Larraqué provide a fresh and nicely balanced attack in the mouth, followed by a long and persistent aromatic end note.

Discover the experience of this surprising and slightly sparkling wine!

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“La vie de Château”,
Our Bag in Box range

Launched in 2011, this range proposes Bordeaux wines in packaging that has been hailed by consumers. The “La vie de château” 3L Bag in Box format remains true to Pierre Jean Larraqué’s values: wines produced by devoted winegrowers and packaged in BIBs at the châteaux, naturally!

While this packaging was developed to satisfy the expectations of consumers by preserving the wine for up to 2 months, its characteristics are nevertheless top of the range: a transparent plastic (not aluminium) bag, Vitop tap, printed cardboard with UV varnish.

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The “Ready to drink”

“In order to develop its full character, a wine must take time to forge its personality.”

A wine does not reveal all its finesse and nobility until after a precious ageing period. However, not all consumers have the means to store and age a wine. Many are therefore looking for wines that can be consumed immediately.

In response to this demand, Pierre Jean Larraqué created the “Ready to drink” range of wines: a selection of products from Bordeaux winegrowers presented at optimal maturity (vintages more than 5 years old) in order to deliver their full potential.